Art touches on current issues

Artist and writer Ingrid Winterbach is exhibiting at Stellenbosch University.

Cape Town artist Ingrid Winterbach, who may be more well known for her writing, has a new exhibition at the Gallery University Stellenbosch (GUS) curated by City Bowl resident Valeria Geselev.

The exhibition, Relevant / Irrelevant, comprises paintings and drawings dating from 2006 to the present.

It runs until next month at the gallery and includes a series of large drawings made during a residency at La Cité des Artistes in Paris.

The works often combine text and image. Ingrid said it was important for her to be able to take a step back and reflect on South Africa from an outsider’s perspective.

Ingrid is an award-winning novelist, with five of her novels translated into English from Afrikaans. She studied and taught fine art, at Stellenbosch University for 13 years.

“I’ve always had a double interest – making visual art and writing, but somehow I’m much more established as a writer,” she said.

All of her work had touched on the issue of violence in some format, she said.

“The paintings deal with issues such as rape, the Marikana Massacre and colonialism.”

Valeria, the new GUS curator said it was an honour to work with Ingrid.

“A part of Ingrid’s exhibition touches on the current issues of South Africa, such as the students’ decolonisation movement. It is interesting to present those works to current students and develop contemporary conversations. She combines texts and image in those works, which makes them more engaging for the public.”

The gallery is on the corner of Bird and Dorp streets, Stellenbosch, and open daily except Sundays.