Phil progresses in comedy career

Phil de Lange

Vredehoek comedian Phil de Lange has always enjoyed watching comedy but never thought that he would end up performing on stage.

He started going to watch the underground comedians in Cape Town and realised that it was different from comedy on television.

The shows people watch on television have been practised and even though as hard as it looked, he thought he could try.

Having joined the comedy industry in 2013, Phil said he is content with the progress that he’s making.

Recalling his very first one-man show at Alexandra Bar in 2017, Phil said on the first night, the audience was slow to react to his jokes.

“Fifteen minutes is long in comedy and I started struggling and felt that little drop of sweat at the back of my head and when they gave their first big laugh, I started to be comfortable.”

The funny man has now been selected as one of the 13 comedians that will be featured on Trevor Noah’s Nation Wild Showcase set to air in August this year. “That show is one of the most incredible shows that I’ve done in my life. I enjoyed the experience and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be selected so I’m very excited.”

Phil said there is no school for comedy and up on stage is the only place where a comedian can learn.

He said sometimes comedians struggle to keep their material fresh and relevant.

“A lot of times it’s hard and we call it dying in comedy, where nobody laughs at your jokes, but it’s the only way to learn,” said Phil.

“The right people will notice you when it’s your time to be noticed,” he said.

Phil blends stand-up comedy with his ukulele to deliver an awkward, self-deprecating and tongue- in-cheek style of humour.