Read of the Week

Life of Crime

Kimberley Chambers


Review: Marsha Leitch

I could not put this book down, even getting up in the middle of the night to read what happens next.

Even though the story is a familiar one – a daredevil young man with a love for money, a wealthy young woman who had a child as a teenager, and the jealous friend who enjoys family chaos – Chambers has woven a tale that is intriguing and unpredictable.

The author offers a glimpse into the lives of Jason and Melissa Rampling.

Melissa thinks she has married well but that’s just the start of years of drama that involves adultery, betrayal and crime, all tied together by oodles of some very British banter.

However, we learn most about the characters by their silent expressions or words not said.

There are numerous twists in the plot but perhaps it could have been sped up a bit rather than linger too long on some of the situations the characters find themselves in.

Either way, it kept me coming back for more.

There are times when you’ll envision yourself in parts of this book, as it invites you to interact with the characters from beyond the pages.

It will be enjoyed by all those after some drama and a quick thrill.