Read of the Week

The Woman in the Blue Cloak

Deon Meyer

Review: Karen Watkins

Human & Rousseau

This brilliant novel has surprises at every turn.

Stellenbosch author Meyer has brought back his much-loved detective Captain Benny Griessel.

In this novel, translated from Afrikaans by K L Seegers, Benny is called to a top-priority murder case.

A woman’s naked body is discovered. It has been washed in bleach and draped on a wall at the lookout point at the top of Sir Lowry’s Pass.

The identity of the victim is a mystery, as is the reason for her death.

Woven into the background, Benny has a lot on his mind as he is on a mission to ask Alexa Bernard to marry him. That means he needs to buy an engagement ring – and that means he needs a loan.

Under scrutiny from “higher up”, Benny and his colleague of a decade ,Vaughn Cupido, gradually whittle away to the root of the story.

Meyer takes readers to England and Holland and far back in time at a galloping pace as events unfold.

This suspense-filled story is thrilling while also entertaining and is an excellent “whodunnit”. I couldn’t put it down.

Meyer has published 13 novels and two short story collections. His books have been published in more than 40 countries and translated into 27 languages worldwide.