Singer aims to spread love and positivity

Grace Armoed has released her new single.

Green Point resident Grace Armoed wants to spread love through her music.

The songwriter has released her new single, Love Knows.

She said while she wanted to release the song last year, she wasn’t able to because of the Covid-19 lockdown, however, that was a blessing in disguise.

A romantic at heart, Grace said when she wrote this song, it came at a time when she questioned what love really was because it should not hurt when one feels it.

“I felt like everyone is talking about love, love, love, but what is it? I came to the conclusion that it shouldn’t be just about romantic or family love but about the neighbourly, unconditional love that God tells us about.”

She said we were all created to love and if there’s any time to spread love, it’s now.

“I want the world to know that we should just love each other and the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that we should just love each other. We shouldn’t lash out at each other no matter how hurt we are. We should turn everything into love and not waste our energies on things that bring us down. It’s never worth it to go there.”

Grace said the song will be enjoyed by everyone, young and old and she wanted to write something different, not a normal love song. “There are people who are sad and lonely out there, they feel lonely, let down, left out and they just want somebody to think about them, not necessarily in romantic ways. People want love.”

This is Grace’s third song. Her first song was titled Cinderella because, during a fight, someone called her Cinderella. “I was very sad, somebody called me Cinderella and I couldn’t get over it and wrote the song.”

She said she chose the title for Love Knows because love comes from the heart . “Love is rooted in what is right and the heart was only created to love. I gave my thoughts wings and I want to share these healing words,” she said.

The song can be heard on YouTube or email Grace on for more information.