Watching over the Van Riebeeck Park

The clean-up spread into the streets and surrounds of Vredehoek.

The Devil’s Peak and Vredehoek Watch, Oranjezicht and Higgovale Watch along with the Friends of Van Riebeeck Park joined forces on Sunday July 17 to conduct a mass clean-up in Van Riebeeck Park, concentrating on the area closest to the riverbed.

The City’s Law Enforcement and SANParks officials have been conducting regular operations in the area over recent weeks, due to an increase in the number of homeless people who have moved into the park. Residents are increasingly concerned about the build-up of litter, fires being made daily, as well as the use of the river for ablutions and washing of clothes.

A call was put out to the community and about 120 residents, members of SAPS, armed response companies and ward councillors, as well as some of the homeless people who live in this area, came together on Sunday morning to tackle the clean-up. Some 300 bags of refuse were collected during the operation as everyone dedicated their 67 minutes of community service to former president Nelson Mandela’s memory. At the end of the clean-up, participants were invited to enjoy a Boerewors roll donated by the neighbourhood watches and local businesses.