‘A garden can be a work of art’

Gardening can be an art and it is all about adaptability in times of drought. This was one of the messages from the Floral Art and Garden Club in Camps Bay last week.

The club meets every third Wednesday of the month.

Last Wednesday, they held a mini show where members displayed their floral designs at the St Peters Anglican Church hall in Camps Bay where the club’s meetings take place. There were also demonstrations which are done on a regular basis.

Emmie Pabst, chairperson of the club, said: “We have gardening talks and we get speakers who focus on different aspects, especially focusing on the lack of water these days.”

She said it was very important to raise awareness about gardening during the drought.

She added that a site visit was planned for next month’s meeting when the group was visiting a garden that focused on indigenous plants that use less water.

The club has 38 active members but they want to encourage more people to sign up and also welcome visitors. “Anyone can join and visitors are welcome,” she said. “Our members have attended many world shows with the last one being in America.

“It is a hobby. You can do floral art in your own home and you don’t have to compete. It also encourages people to keep their gardens going. It gives you a lot of good tips on how to counter our present problem with water restrictions.

“A lot of young people can use the knowledge that they get here. It is an art that you can use.”

Alta Northey, one of the founder members who started the club in 1980, said it was felt there was a need for a garden club on the Atlantic Seaboard.

She said when they first started the club they had 85 members signed up.

She advised aspirant gardeners to have smaller garden patches and to use plants which use less water.

For more information about the Camps Bay Floral Art and Garden Club, call 072 451 7667.