A successful Gun Run for all

For as long as I can remember, the annual Gun Run has been one of the loudest, more disruptive events on the Green Point events schedule.

As a resident, I dreaded being woken up before 6am by a screaming announcer.

And as a member of the events committee of the Green Point Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association I’d also dread working with the organisers, as they promised year after year to manage their sound better, and then they’d disappoint on the day, claiming not to recall what they had agreed to.

Once again this year, that looked to be the case. The event organisers agreed in email to cover their stage on three sides, and then when approached during set up, denied knowledge of their agreement to do so. I held my breath waiting for the early wake up call.

What a pleasant surprise. No early wake up call, no screaming announcer, no pumping music. Just a perfectly reasonable event where the amplified sound kicked in after 8am and was never loud and abusive.

Judging by social media the event was a roaring success, and I’m so pleased, as it proves that we can achieve success together, where residents and event organisers and the City are happy with the outcome.

I personally attribute much to the hard work and dedication put in by Sigmund Badenhorst, and his team.

Sigmund has been an absolute treasure. He goes above and beyond every week, and is hands-on at these events, communicating with us and our team and the event organiser teams, always polite and considerate, always constructive and resourceful, resulting in smoother events than we’ve had in a number of years.

This weekend Sigmund was at both the soccer match and The Gun Run and the difference showed. Talk about going above and beyond.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for Sigmund and Shannon (and the generosity of their families who are without them on many weekends) and the other members of the CoCT team who have so selflessly committed to partnering with us to make events better for all the residents and ratepayers in Green Point.

It’s this kind of teamwork with the City of Cape Town that makes me so proud to be a resident and ratepayer.

My thanks also go to Gery Kuhn who managed sound, and to the event organisers, who clearly worked closely with the City on this event this year, it’s really appreciated.

Excited to say that I’m finally looking forward to next year’s Gun Run.