Ad overdose

Deon Fialkov, Three Anchor Bay

I wish to complain about the ridiculous number of alcohol advertisements that air at every cinema I attend, regardless of the time of the day the movie is playing and the existing audience of the movie.

I feel that alcohol advertisements should only be aired at a cinema if the majority of viewers currently seated are over the age of 18.

There is simply no point in indoctrinating viewers that are not of legal age to drink alcohol.

The other day I went to see a movie and I had to sit through eight or more alcoholic advertisements before the movie started.

Why are alcohol advertisements being shown during the 9am and 11am time-slots ?

Road-carnage is a huge factor to consider when drivers under the influence of alcohol is quite a hectic percentage. Subliminal indoctrination is a very powerful element.

I feel that something drastic needs to be done about this disgusting manner of advertising.