Against proposed CID

G T Robertson, Camps Bay

I totally reject the proposals/suggestions for a Clifton and Camps Bay City Improvement District (CID) by Ward 54 councillor Shayne Ramsay (“Beach problems unpacked”, Atlantic Sun, November 15).

This also applied to the paid (toll) parking racket for Victoria Road proposed by Richard Bendel, vice-chairman of the Camps Bay Ratepayers’ Association.

These proposed money-making and artificial job-creating rackets have repeatedly and unanimously been rejected by Camps Bay and Clifton residents over the almost 50 years I have resided here, even as recently as three years ago.

We already pay for two useless police forces (doing nothing) and multiple private security companies.

Public parking should be free for all, especially at seaside resorts like here and places such as Maiden’s Cove and also Sea Point. We do not want or need CIDs and toll parking here.

Ms Ramsay, et al, should rather concentrate their efforts on preserving Bo-Kaap (now being destroyed like District Six) and Maiden’s Cove, especially since we are now rid of the former destructor-in-chief, Patricia de Lille.

She can also urge “our president” to instruct the police to do their jobs properly, for which we are already paying dearly through our necks for nothing.

Ms Ramsay’s council’s urgent attention is also required for cutting the grass on the pavements and the bushes to the south and around Camps Bay and elsewhere, now already posing a fire threat similar to California and Knysna.