Alleged UK paedophile in court

The alleged UK paedophile, who was arrested in Green Point in March, is set to appear in court on July 29, Sea Point police confirmed.

The 52-year-old man is currently out on bail.

Sea Point SAPS station commander Colonel Maehla Lento said the man is still checking into the Sea Point police station three times a day, in line with his bail conditions.

The man, who was wanted by Interpol for similar crimes in the UK, has been living in Cape Town for the past 10 years.

Colonel Lento said: “He has appeared in court but not yet been convicted.

“He is currently on bail and has to check in at the station three times a day. If he does not check into the police station then we are obliged to act (arrest him).”

The main, who had been working as a helicopter pilot at the V&A Waterfront, made his first court appearncein Cape Town Magistrate’s Court in March.