App used to report crime in Atlantic Seaboard

The Buzzer app. Picture: Supplied

Residents of Green Point, Three Anchor Bay, Sea Point and Mouille Point will now be able to use an app to call for help in emergencies and to report suspicious activity and other crime-related incidents in their areas.

The initiative to use the Buzzer app is being introduced by the Green Point Neighbourhood Watch (GPNW), who are working with Avenue Response to fight crime.

GPNW chairman Peter Fleintov said he and another member of the neighbourhood watch, Steve Massey, went to learn how Buzzer had been used in Hout Bay.

“We were impressed with what we saw but the GPNW had to make sure that we had the financial resources to support Buzzer (it costs nearly R3 000 a month in licensing fees) and that we had someone who was willing to monitor the control room module and respond to incidents when they are reported,” he said.

“Residents need to be sure that when they need to report an emergency that someone would respond.

“We started talking to Avenue Response and they agreed to host and monitor the control room module.”

Mr Flentov said while their radio network was the most effective way of communicating with the control room or with SAPS, radios were expensive.

“It gets you through instantaneously and it is easier to communicate details and to ask questions verbally than in texts. But a radio holder needs to buy a radio that costs R2 000 to 3 000 which is a significant investment that a person has to make.”

He said the app can be downloaded by anyone that lives in the area or used in the area by a Buzzer user who lives elsewhere but is in the area and wants to report an incident they see.

He said SAPS will not be directly involved but Avenue Response will send one of their patrol cars and call SAPS or law enforcement if needed, and the fire brigade or an ambulance if it’s a fire or a medical emergency.

Meanwhile, a food delivery man was caught buying drugs at the Kraal in Bo-Kaap on Saturday, June 27.

The company he worked for says the driver has since been dismissed.

“The safety of the community within the area Andiccio24 serves is of importance and great concern. This is an isolated incident which has been dealt with internally,” they said.

In another incident, a man was caught breaking into a car on Sunday, June 28, in Stadzicht Street, Bo-Kaap.

The neighbourhood watch patrollers chased him and caught him at SK Primary School.

Police responded to the
incident and the man was arrested.