Artists’ murals stress water conservation

Nadia Fisher said her work, titled Camissa, symbolises water scarcity.

Two murals at Makers Landing, at the V&A Waterfront, aim to drive home the importance of water conversation and raise awareness about climate change – but they are also open to interpretation, say the artists.

Danish street artist Eske Touborg and Nadia Fisher aka Nardstar, from Rondebosch, were commissioned by the Embassy of Denmark and the City of Cape Town for their creations at the tourist port.

“This is part of the subject matter that I like to focus on which is celebrating women of colour and celebrating flora and fauna. So when I got the brief I had to incorporate the theme of water scarcity into my understanding,” said Ms Fisher.

“The mural depicts a celebration of water, the blue hair is the water and it is flowing into the dams and it symbolises the above ground water. The droplets symbolise the ground water coming up, that’s my intention but people will interpret it differently” she said.

Unzipping a water supply, or zipping it up? You decide.

Ms Fisher said it took her five days to complete the mural while Mr Touborg’s 198m2 work of art took him four days to complete.

“The Danish embassy contacted me about this and they have seen the murals I’ve done that is about the environment. So if you look at this you see a zipper and a hand that is pulling the zipper gently. That’s the message here, to be gentle with the resources we have, the water we have, and it’s up to the viewer to decide whether the hand is opening or closing the zipper,” Mr Touborg said.

EskeTouborg strikes a pose in front of the mural he painted.