Barking dogs are a nightmare

Alan Nunn, Bantry Bay

Why do I have to tolerate barking dogs from all sides from 6am till dusk?

People own a pet,think little of training it and think even less of their neighbour.

They may have money to buy a residency in a good area but no manners or thought for others; sometimes it would be more quiet in a township.

Having a mountain and high walls near makes the sounds even worse, but do the owners care? No. Every time someone goes by or they hear a noise, the dogs start again.

Ask people politely to keep their dogs quiet and they ignore or are abusive to you.

I may live in an area where houses sell for a few million rand but who would want to purchase if all they have is this constant barking and yapping – not me.

In some countries councils have rules and warnings and in some cases after these warnings, removal of the dog.Why can’t we have these here?

People are so arrogant and self-centered that this is the only thing that they would understand.

I’m sorry but like so many ‘rulers’ here, it’s “that rule do not apply to me”… or “I’m special”.

How about a bit of real action from somebody?