Birthday boy buys balls for school

Sam Goldin donated soccer balls to Ellerton Primary School last Wednesday, October 17.

A 13-year-old aspiring Australian footballer, Sam Goldin, donated 40 soccer balls to Ellerton Primary School last Wednesday, October 17.

The young lad used the money that he got for his birthday present to give back to help those in the need.

Sam’s grandmother Karyn Moscow, said Sam’s mother was born in Cape Town and they left the country 31 years ago.

She said they wanted him to know his roots and where he came from. “Sam is passionate about soccer and loves wildlife. Unfortunately, in Australia, we don’t see the wild animals that you have here in South Africa, and as a gift to him, we decided to come here because the passion for Africa is in our hearts,” she said.

Ms Moscow said Sam had been looking forward to this day for a year now.

She said they had help from the Sea Point Rotary Club.

“We happen to know Gavin Schachat from the Rotary club and he told us about Ellerton Primary School and seeing the pupils now, we couldn’t have chosen a better school,” she said.

Ellerton Primary School principal Carolyn Cannon said they were trying to establish soccer as one of their main sports for the school.

“I’m amazed at the way our children acted, the joy in their faces and the fact that this young boy could come from nowhere and used his own money to bless others, our children are very lucky,” she said.

Sam said: “I used my birthday money because I love soccer but I have too many soccer balls in my garden and I felt that I need to help other kids that also enjoy soccer.”