Deon Fialkov, Three Anchor Bay

The other day someone I met on Facebook blocked me for some reason. They didn’t make the reason known.

Usually it doesn’t bother me who blocks me, but it would be nice to know the reason.

As my memory is rather good, I remembered what she looked like in her photos from her online profile and saw her at a concert.

I wasn’t sure whether I should walk up and introduce myself to her: “Hi, I’m Deon… I was on your facebook profile – that is until you blocked me.”

What does it actually mean if someone from online blocks you?

There are many reasons one could block someone else on Facebook.

Could be a technical glitch. Could be that someone hacked that person’s profile and thought it would be fun to block the most recent contacts.

Or they decided to block people they have not actually met.

Are you allowed to say hi to that person ?

Would it be classified as stalking them if I said hi?

What does it actually mean to be blocked on social-media?

What’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable?