Body found at Sunset Beach

Sea Point police have opened an inquest after a man’s body was found on Sunset Beach on Friday, November 2.

According to Captain Cyril Dicks, when police officers arrived on the scene, they found the body lying on the sand covered with a blanket. There was no identification on him.

“The male had no visible injuries and no other persons living near the beach could assist in identifying the deceased,” Captain Dicks said.

According to Ward 54 councillor Nicola Jowell, locals had referred to the deceased man as “Rasta”.

“He was seen sitting up earlier on the beach by 12:00 it was reported by members of the public that he appeared to have passed away. He had been seen in the area for a while and had been offered assistance by both the City’s Social Development Department as well as the Sea Point CID’s Field worker. He had repeatedly declined the offers of assistance off the streets or to be reunified with his family,” Ms Jowell said.

SAPS Sea Point is requesting that anyone with information about “Rasta” to contact Warrant Officer Maartins at 021 430 3723 during office hours.