Brian went out of his way to help me

Jill Kaganson, Green Point

When I saw the news in last week’s Atlantic Sun of Brian Joss’s sudden death, I was stunned.

I spoke to him just last week, as I have been doing for months. He was trying to help me cancel accounts at Telkom and, with any luck, get the money back that they owe me.

I kept wondering why he was taking so long to reply to me, as he usually replied within half an hour. Only to find out that he had died.

I had spent a lot of time wondering what to send him as a Thank You present when I got my R860 back, possibly flowers to his wife.

When I had read through the letters here and articles, I began reading Off My Trolley and was looking for my name, as the story featured is identical to the problem I have! So surely it must have been my story.

No no no, it was one of perhaps thousands of instances of Telkom telling a customer an account had been closed, and then you find out months later that it was not. Same words as used here – the message was not conveyed, or something like that, the message never left the Telkom office. I don’t think so, I think it did leave the Telkom office, it was simply filed in the trash, just like the Post Office does with our post.

I can’t tell you what route he told me to take to resolve the problem, as he swore me to secrecy, in huge letters.

My deepest sympathy to his wife and children. What a loss. What a superman. He went way out of his way to help me.