Building matters

Tom Schumann, Vredehoek

A new building, on the corner of Ixia Avenue and Delphinium Street, is currently under construction in Devil’s Peak.

I believe the building regulations stipulate a maximum of two storeys, (but) this one is clearly three.

My requests to the City Council did not get me anywhere. Could you kindly assist on shedding some light on the issue?

Brett Herron, mayoral committee member for transport and urban development, responds:

The building application for the property in question was approved in December 2016.

The Development Management Scheme (DMS) does not stipulate the number of storeys in single residential zones, but prescribes maximum height.

The building that is being erected complies with the maximum height stipulated in the DMS.

Mr Schumann is welcome to submit the details of his requests (such as the date, time and names of people he spoke to) so that the City can look into it.