Bungalow plans approved

The Municipal Planning Tribunal (MPT) has unanimously approved an application for permanent departures from the development rules pertaining to the Bakoven, Clifton and Glen Beach Bungalow Area local Overlay Zone.

The applicant wants to replace the existing bungalow with a new dwelling.

The proposed bungalow will be a double-storey with basement parking for three cars.

The property falls under the Bakoven, Clifton and Glen Beach Bungalow Area local Overlay Zone as well as the Heritage Protection Overlay Zone. It is located in the Bakoven Bungalow Area between the coastline and Brook Street.

Initially, the applicant applied for a basement garage for five cars but the neighbours objected to the application in 2017, stating that the proposed development was out of character.

They said the proposed new bungalow was inconsistent and didn’t keep up with the Bakoven Bungalow aesthetics and uniqueness.

Neighbours, Geoffrey and Jeniffer Meek stated: “Over time Bakoven’s character is being eroded by ‘urban creep’ caused by residents continuing to extend their building envelopes. The lung areas, pathways and spaces between bungalows are continuously being eroded for no compelling purpose. Plans to be disproportionally large to erf size seem to be consistent in new proposed developments in Bakoven and the impingement on free public spaces, privacy and special attractiveness of the area.”

Another neighbour, Renette Pretorius stated that the proposed departures sought to attack the very character that makes Bakoven the desirable neighbourhood it was.

Following objections, the applicant was forced to revise the proposed plans. This resulted to a reduced envelope and the height of the boundary fence.

In total, nine neighbours objected to the original plan, and three objections were withdrawn after the redesign.

In its criteria for deciding on the application, the MPT stated that the proposal would have a positive socio-economic impact as it would result in the upgrade of part of the bungalow and the creation of job opportunities in the construction industry.

The property is more than 60 years old and the MPT has stated that the new dwelling will not have a negative impact on a heritage area.