‘Burglar’ arrested

The suspect is being detained at Sea Point police station on possession of stolen property.

A 34-year-old man was arrested for housebreaking in Sea Point on Monday July 13.

While on patrol, Sea Point SAPS’ Sergeant Heinrich Pretorius spotted the man walking towards Main Road, with three flat screen television sets wrapped in a blanket.

The officer immediately questioned the man, who appeared nervous. The suspect took him to Embassy Court, High Level Road, where it was found that a flat had been broken into.

The suspect took off and the officer gave chase and caught him.

He is being detained at Sea Point police station on possession of stolen property and possession of possible car breaking implements.

The acting station commander, Lieutenant Colonel Christo Engelbrecht, said he’s grateful to have his sector commanders back in the area as it shows how effect the extra eyes and ears can be.

Meanwhile, the Sea Point Central Improvement District (SPCID) assisted in the arrest of three men with possible housebreaking instruments in Sea Point on July 4.

Their Sea Point CID Licence Plate Recognition Control Room received an alert from one of their vehicle tracking cameras that a wanted vehicle had just entered the area.

Within minutes the South African Police Service and SPCID Response Vehicles located the vehicle.

The police pulled the vehicle over and arrested the suspects for being in possession of housebreaking instruments. The suspects were detained and could be linked to a housebreaking in Sea Point.