Cableway reopens

The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway has reopened after being closed for annual maintenance.

The time was also used to improve the interiors of the buildings on the mountain.

Artist Hermien van der Merwe has been commissioned to make two new artworks for the Shop at the Top, as well as the Kiosk on the mountain.

The artworks will be digitally printed, enlarged and put up onto the walls in the shops. Both artworks have pincushion flowers as themes and are done in yellow – the new colour scheme for the interiors.

Hermien’s work has also been used for the last two years to decorate the walls of the shops on Table Mountain. Her smaller artworks are also available for purchase in The Shop at the Top. She is currently making a new series of small linotypes, especially for Table Mountain.

She is known for using fynbos as the theme in her art. She often finds her inspiration from the indigenous plants growing in the Table Mountain National Park.