Call for speed humps on steep St John’s Road

Speedsters are making St John’s Road dangerous for pedestrians.

Sub-council 16 has noted the application for traffic calming measures in St John’s Road between Ocean Drive and High Level Road

The request by resident Greg Castle is for three speed humps, one between St Charles Road and Monastery Road; and one on either end of St John’s Park Playground between Monastery and High Level roads with a pedestrian crossing on St John’s Road at the entrance gate of St John’s Park.

The sub-council meeting last Monday, November 16, heard that drivers use St John’s Road as a thoroughfare from Beach and Main roads in Sea Point to Ocean View Drive to enter or leave the area.

Due to the steepness of the road, many drivers use the opportunity to drive at great speed both up and down the road, making it extremely dangerous for pedestrians and particularly as there’s a child and dog park nearby that is used throughout the day.

It was stated that heavy vehicles struggle up the road due to its steepness, often stalling and causing traffic jams. Residents have been complaining about the situation and the matter has been raised with ward councillor, Nicola Jowell.

It was recommended that an official request for remedial action be presented by Ms Jowell to the transport department.

Mr Castle said the matter was of utmost importance as children are often at risk of the increasing number of reckless and speeding cars along St John’s Road and Ocean View Drive. He stated: “We believe that speed humps would be the most appropriate solution, without hindering traffic, however, forcing drivers to reduce their speed significantly along the stretch from the dangerous Ocean View Drive down to High Level Road.”

The application is currently being dealt with in terms of the council’s traffic calming policy.