Cameras nab thieves in Sea Point

The Sea Point licence plate recognition (LPR) cameras helped nab suspected car thieves within six of hours of a car being stolen last week.

Heather Tager, chief operating officer of the Sea Point City Improvement District, said the camera control room was alerted to the car theft on Friday morning September 8.

The vehicle’s information was loaded into the system and later that day it triggered one of the cameras. Responding units were notified that there were three suspects in the stolen car.

The car stopped outside a restaurant in Main Road and two of the suspects went inside while the third remained in the car.

“Shortly after that SAPS moved in and took down the occupant in the vehicle,” said Ms Tager.

The CID controller gave a description of the other two suspects to the police and they too were arrested.

The LPR project in Sea Point started with two cameras two and half years ago and now has 71.

“It is fantastic to see the successes rolling off from the LPR network,” said project manager Jacques Weber.