Celebrating everyday heroes

Migael Dannhauser who found Graham Sonnenberg's car keys.

When Green Point resident, Graham Sonnenberg went for a quiet Sunday lunch in Mouille Point, he didn’t know what was in store.

First, he was trying to take photographs of birds cavorting next to the putt-putt course.

He then went to the Hussar Grill for a meal. After lunch he realised his keys were gone.

He then found a note inside his Hyundai Getz, saying: “Found your car keys, call (a certain cell number).”

The note was on the driver’s seat and could be read through the window.

He phoned the number. A man called Migael answered. He was in Camps Bay, cycling.

Mr Sonnenberg took an Uber and fetched the keys.

Migael Dannhauser, a Sea Point resident, said he saw the keys lying near the grass. He picked it up and pushed the electronic button to see which car would make a beeping sound.

He opened the door, left a note, took the keys, locked the car again, and went to Camps Bay, where Mr Sonnenberg fetched them.

“It is an ordinary car, but has sentimental value. It belonged to my father, the late Dr John Sonnenberg. He did many house calls in that car,” said Mr Sonnenberg.

“People say such negative things about our country, but we should also celebrate heroes like Migael. Let us remember that there are good people around. My father would also have been so proud of this young man,” he said.