CID honours its crime fighters

Officers who were awarded at the Sea Point City Improvement Districts annual awards.

The Sea Point City Improvement District (CID) held its annual awards ceremony last week to recognise those working to make the area safer.

The ceremony, on Thursday October 11, aimed to celebrate the work done by the CID members, the City’s Law Enforcement and South African Police Service (SAPS) throughout the year.

Sea Point CID chief operating officer, Heather Tager, said they look at the members who have assisted with arrests as well as how they dealt with the community.

They also look at their neatness, their drive, ethical standards and how they work with each other.

She said they had identified those who had gone the extra mile in their work.

Among those awarded was law enforcement officer, Danfred Botha, who also received a Commendation Badge from the City for his quick action and perseverance in making an arrest.

Ms Tager shared how Mr Botha saved a Sea Point High school pupil who was aggressively attacked and robbed off his cellphone last month.

“Mr Botha immediately gave chase on foot and instructed the victim to wait by his law enforcement vehicle. The suspect ran towards Gallows Hill Traffic Department in Green Point and proceeded to jump into a white taxi on route to Cape Town,” she said.

“Officer Botha then pulled over an Uber driver, and instructed him to follow the taxi, and to stop in front of the vehicle. When he jumped out the Uber he saw a traffic officer next to him, who witnessed him chasing the suspect.

“A cellphone was found in the man’s possession, which was later identified by the victim as his phone. The traffic officer then assisted Officer Botha to get the suspect to Sea Point police station,” she said.

Ms Tager said they have come a long way since they started and are now seeing a vast change. “At one time, Sea Point was called Hillbrow by the sea and although we can never be perfect, we have the same goal and need to work together to eradicate crime in the area,” she said.

Cluster Commander, Brigadier Lilian van Wyk, said she refers to Ms Tager as “The mother of Sea Point”.

She thanked the members for the partnership that they’ve built and said she hoped they continue to make it stronger.

She said it was through partnership policing that the SAPS realised that they were not on their own in fighting crime in the area.

“I believe that ‘where morals are present, laws are not necessary, and where laws are absent, laws are unenforceable’ and for that reason, I believe the prevention of crime starts in our homes,” she said.