CID members awarded

Some of the winners at the fifth annual Sea Point CID awards, which took place on Thursday July 28.

The fifth annual Sea Point City Improvement District (CID) awards ceremony took place last week. It was outgoing ward councillor Jacques Weber’s last official event.

Sea Point CID chairwoman Heather Tager congratulated all those who received awards. Along with CID staff, several City law enforcement and SAPS officers also received awards for good service. Ms Tager said Sea Point was an example of different law enforcement agencies coming together to make a better neighbourhood.

Ms Tager also said five more licence place recognition (LPR) cameras had been procured, making it the second biggest network in the Cape region.

“The CID officers’ primary function is to be visible and a deterrent for criminal activity. We have a very busy festive season, so being visible is important.”

Mr Weber said it was a fitting final event for him, considering his background in law enforcement.

“Everyone comes together under one banner to deliver to the community of Sea Point and residents of the City. When we make Sea Point safe, we are making it safe for the thousands of people that come into the area to work in the area. It wasn’t always like this and before you couldn’t walk on the streets (safely).

“The CID works because of good management but most importantly the people on the ground.”

Mr Weber said he would continue to be involved with the LPR camera project once he stepped down as ward councillor.

He thanked the City law enforcement and SAPS officials who were present for their work.