City should revisit zoning policy

Ulf Brinkmann, Fresnaye

There are others (many, many other ratepayers) who are severely and permanently affected by the current wave of rapacious development.

We are all angry and have no confidence in the City’s officialdom and that sadly includes the local ratepayers’ association.

The interpretation of the zoning must be changed again before it’s too late.

Ten-metre height restrictions would allow for three-storey blocks.

This is way better and will integrate “gradually” as we go up the slopes.

Also, there is virtually no developer who does not try and pull the ring by squeezing every last centimeter permissible.

The residents do not and cannot readily access approved plans

I do not even want to start discussing the role of building inspector – what a waste of time.

Once a building is up and there has been some level of deviation from approved plans (minor or otherwise) the balance of probability will apply.

In reality – 15m is a guide.

The ground level is beefed up, 15 becomes 16.5m , a flat roof becomes a roof garden etc.

The city must revisit this amendment.

What a disgrace.

Johan van der Merwe, mayco member for energy, environmental and spatial planning said the City will be engaging with Mr Brinkmann about his concerns.