City updates by-law

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Residents have until Sunday May 17 to comment on the City of Cape Town’s Streets, Public Places and the Prevention of Noise Nuisances Amendment By-law.

The City is currently in the process of updating its by-law that relates to the management of streets, public places, noise nuisances and other related matters on all properties in Cape Town.

The proposed amendments relate specifically to Section 22 of the by-law, guiding the City’s actions on transgressions and the recovery of costs where applicable.

The amendments include inspections, instruction to leave, compliance notices, powers and functions of officials and impounding of items, goods, equipment, vessels or vehicles.

The inspections may be done by an authorised official, in relation to any premises or business to determine whether the provisions of the by-law are being complied with or where there has been an allegation that a provision of this by-law had been contravened.

The official may inspect the premises or any vehicle that is used or that they reasonably suspect is being used for the business and anything on the premises/ vehicle and question any person on the premises who has recently been on the premises. They may instruct offenders to leave and remain out of an area where a by-law has been contravened.

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The City’s Safety and Security Portfolio Committee chairman, Mzwakhe Nqavashe, said the amendments were proposed to ensure more effective resolution of complaints from the public.

He said this also takes into account the amended powers that have been afforded to Law Enforcement officers, and expands ways in which the City can recover costs where need be.

“It is important to point out that there are no other amendments proposed to the original provisions of the by-law. We encourage residents to engage with the amendments and to provide feedback before the closing date. The City’s Safety and Security Portfolio Committee will consider all contributions received after the deadline for submissions closes,” he said.

Secretary of the Bo-Kaap Civic and Ratepayers’ Association, Fowzia Achmat, said they hadn’t had time to meet and discuss the matter due to the lockdown. Weighing in on her personal capacity, however, she said she needed clarity on noise levels. “Bo-Kaap is a loud area, we have the athaan (Call to pray), thikr and traditional gatherings and we need to understand how that’s going to affect the community,” she said.

Ms Achmat said she didn’t want the culture and the tradition of the community to be restricted. Comments, input or recommendations may be submitted by email to and written submissions can be sent to Leon Wentzel, Law Enforcement Department, Omniforum Building, 94 Van Riebeeck Street, Kuils River