City warns of fraudsters

The City is urging residents to be on the lookout for fraudsters who often pose as City employees and target unsuspecting Capetonians as part of their scams.

The City said it was recently brought to their attention that a member of the public approached a resident and offered to tar the owner’s driveway.

The fraudster alleged to be a City employee by using the name of an actual City official and offered to do the work for a fee of R3 500 which the resident paid. The fraudsters used a printout of a City staff member’s details to identify themselves as “officials”.

The complainant was advised to report the matter to the South African Police Service and the City offered to assist as needed.

Residents are urged to take note of the following:

City employees must be in possession of the City of Cape Town identity card with a staff number and photo.

City employees will produce official City of Cape Town letters which will always include the name of the department, along with the City telephone numbers which residents can call to verify the work to be undertaken

City employees who are dispatched to undertake maintenance and repair work, or inspections, usually drive City of Cape Town marked vehicles with CCT registration number plates

If a resident is approached by a City of Cape Town contractor, they will always have an official job card which serves as a work permit from the City and they need to ensure the job card includes the City of Cape Town’s latest logo.

Residents who are approached by officials can also call the City to verify the names of the staff members, if needed. When in doubt, residents should rather decline the offer for assistance. Residents are advised to capture the registration number, type of vehicle, photo of the vehicle and the description of the suspected fraudsters if possible.

Incidents can be reported to the City’s call centre on 0860 103 089.