Coastal By-law open for comment

The City will host a public engagement session on its draft Coastal By-law at the Civic Centre later this month.

The draft by-law will regulate recreational and business activities along the Cape Town coastline.

The meeting in the CBD, which is one of several across the city this month, will take place at the Civic Centre, Council Chambers, 6th floor, Podium Block, on Saturday August 17, from 10am.

“Our coastline draws millions of tourists and local visitors every year. It covers a distance of over 307km and contributes approximately R40 billion per annum to our local economy.

“We cannot overestimate the significant potential it offers for economic growth. It is a public asset that must be preserved and protected for current and future generations. The draft by-law will assist us to better manage our coastline and enable law enforcement of activities that may have a damaging impact on the coastal environment,” said the mayoral committee member for spatial planning and environment, Marian Nieuwoudt.

The draft by-law is available for public comment until Monday September 2 and can be viewed at all sub-council offices, libraries or online at

“Simply put, the draft by-law is intended to create safer and cleaner beaches, free from litter and pollution; to protect sea life from poaching, to improve safety on our beaches; and to enforce the public’s right to access and enjoy our beaches and sea.