Comment deadline looms

An artisits impression of the proposed development

Bo-Kaap residents have until Monday May 20 to comment on the application to build a new four-unit four-storey block of flats on 37 Lion Street, Bo-Kaap.

The applicant, Andrew Pratt Town Planning, authorised by the owners of the property applied to the City council for rezoning and permanent departures to allow for the erection of a new small block of flats on the subject property.

Seven parking bays will be provided for the owners of the flats, while one of the parking bays will be designated as a visitor bay.

The current property is unoccupied and the proposed application states that the design of the block of flats mimics the historic built form in the area, although in a modern way.

The applicant motivated that the Bo-Kaap has “urban village” character consisting of a mix of mainly single and double-storey historic cottages and some more modern buildings.

“Given the character of the area, it is clear
that the development of the subject property with a new multi-storied small block of flats will not have a negative impact on the character of the area from a built form perspective,” the applicant stated.

They said it was crucial that the proposal be considered in context of the existing rights of the property, including considering the architectural detailing/ merits of the proposal.

The property is proposed to be rezoned from General Residential 4 (GR4) to General Residential 5 (GR5). It was stated that the proposed GR5 zone is seen as the most appropriate zone, given the nature of the use proposed, the built form of the proposedbuilding and the limited bulk allowed for when compared with some other General Residential subzones.

A positive economic and social impact were also part of the motivation that the applicant stated.

They said the scale of capital investment to the current proposal appears minor, but when considering the possible future knock-on effect on property values, the proposal will have a positive impact on the area and surrounding properties.

The applicant motivated that the proposed building will overlook the rear/back facades of properties located to the south-east and therefore should have a limited impact. He stated that the proposed building would improve visual surveillance / security to various surrounding properties.

Jacky Poking, the secretary of the Bo Kaap Civic and Ratepayers’ Association, said they have received the notice and will only have complete comment before the due date in

The proposed application is
open to inspection at the office of
the district manager at Media
City Building, 2nd Floor, corner
of Adderley Street and Hertzog
Boulevard, Cape Town until May