Community shows appreciation to firefighters

The Camps Bay community donated over R10 000 to the City of Cape Town’s firefighters as a gesture of appreciation for their hard work.

The Community Who Cares organisation and Camps Bay Community Police Forum (CPF) raised the funds to thank the firefighters for their contribution.

“The residents are extremely thankful for in the way the brave and courageous firefighters battled to protect the homes in the Oudekraal/ Bakoven part of Camps Bay for many hours during the recent outbreaks of the fires there,” said Alan Marsh, co-founder of Community Who Cares and member of the Camps Bay CPF.

The City of Cape Town’s firefighters battled the blaze on the mountain slopes near Camps Bay in December last year.

The firefighters requested that the funds be donated to residents of Masiphumelele who have suffered from devastating fires.

Jermaine Carelse, spokesperson for the City’s Fire and Rescue Service, said he was approached by the residents who wanted to give something to their firefighters.

He said while they thought it was a kind gesture, they thought it would be more appropriate to give it to people who needed it the most. “The people (in Masiphumelele) suffered the most, they lost their homes, clothing, food. We have salaries, homes and they don’t have anything,” he said.

Mr Marsh said some residents opted to contribute directly to the Hebron Project in Masiphumelele.

Ward councillor, Nicola Jowell, applauded the brave heroes for their selfless contribution to the community. “The phenomenal men and women of the fire services were extremely touched by the generosity but decided to rather ask the community to donate these funds to the community of Masiphumelele who had recently had a devastating fire.This selfless gesture by these heroic firefighters is heart-warming and applaudable.”

She said it was a pleasure and a blessing to work with a community which does so much positive work in their area to assist those in need but are also alert to the needs across the city.

The funds were handed to The Hebron Project in Masiphumelele.

The founder of the Hebron Project, Sara Dale-Lace, thanked the organisation and the community of Camps Bay for raising the funds and arranging everything.

She said the firefighters were true heroes who not only fought fires but they paid it forward. “This is love in action,” she said.

Gift packs including necessities such as food, blankets and pots were made up for residents who lost their homes in a fire in Masiphumelele.

“We have enough gift packs for 20 families who are currently getting food support at our ‘families in need’ canteen which is located next to the affected area.”