Cops’ busy festive season

Cape Town Central Police conducted daily crime prevention operations during the festive season.

These included vehicle check points, daily patrols, motorbike patrols and stop and search operations in partnership with the City Central Improvement District, neighbourhood watches and private security companies.

Between December 1 and January 7, police arrested 862 people for contact crime such as robberies or murder.

Two people were arrested for murder, two for attempted murder, two for robberies, one man for carjacking, a man for house robbery and a man was arrested for rape.

Two people were arrested for sexual assault, 35 people for assault and 11 people for robbery with a weapon.

Police also confiscated 1.6kg of drugs , which included cocaine, crack, tik, heroine, mandrax powder and mandrax tablets.

They arrested 275 people for drug-related crime and nine people for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Dangerous weapons confiscated included 52 knives, one axe, a panga and a pair of scissors.

Police recorded 35 property-related crimes, in which three people were arrested for business burglary, three people for home burglary, 18 people for theft out of motor vehicle and three for attempted burglary.

Another 11 people were arrested for malicious damage to property, 80 for shoplifting and 12 people were arrested for fraud.

The Cape Town Central police spokesperson Captain Ezra October warned people not to give out their bank pin codes anyone posing as security guards who were wearing black caps with security names on them.