Covid-19 warning for seaboard

The health department is warning of Covid-19 flare ups in some parts of the Atlantic Seaboard.

The Western Cape Health Department said it was seeing smaller clusters of infections flaring up in Sea Point, Green Point, Fresnaye and surrounds.

They said many of these flare-ups originated at social gatherings which could be anything from a party, religious gathering or even in a workplace – any place where large numbers of people congregated that was crowded, had poor ventilation and where social distancing could not be maintained.

Department spokesperson Natalie Watlington said these superspreader events, where there were close indoor contact and relaxed measures of prevention, led to the rapid spread of the virus.

“While some of these events are amongst young people, who are less at risk of severe illness, it is crucial to remember that this can spread rapidly to the vulnerable and elderly in our communities,” she said.

Ms Watlington said there was no evidence to suggest that young people and children were immune to the virus and while they may not contract such severe illness, they could contract it and pass it on.

The province has over 118 000 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 109 975 recoveries.

The death toll is above 4 000 and over 500 hospitalisations of which 116 are in ICU or high care.

According to the latest figures released by the department, Fresnaye has 182 confirmed cases, Camps Bay 82, Sea Point 258, the CBD 355, Green Point 150, Vredehoek 140, Gardens 206, and Schotschekloof 104.

To avoid possible superspreader events, the department has urged residents to connect safely with other people and stay safe as they enter the summer and festive holiday season.

“We also need to be aware that drinking increases the chances of people touching, taking off their masks and talking loudly, all of which increase the chances of spread. It is the season to be jolly but to avoid the folly, we urge members of the public to please drink responsibly.

“Remember that heavy breathing increases the likelihood of spread so keep a distance from others when exercising or dancing and ideally keep your mask on in these circumstances,” she said.

She added that despite the wish to return to normal and despite the relative success of their Covid-19 response, it is important to keep up the prevention behaviour. “Covid-19 is not gone, we need to work together to minimise a second wave,”she said.

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