Crime down in Sea Point

The police held a community feedback meeting at the Sea Point civic centre last week.

Crime in Sea Point area is under control, police told a community feedback meeting last week.

The meeting at the Sea Point civic centre on Wednesday was a chance for residents to voice their concerns about crime.
Community Police Forum (CPF) chairwoman Heather Tager chaired the meeting while station commander Colonel Maehla Lento addressed residents’ concerns.

Ward councillors Dave Bryant and Shayne Ramsay as well as Area North mini mayor Suzette Little were also at the meeting.
Colonel Lento told residents in the packed hall that crime was mostly down during the last financial year, and he encouraged residents to work with the police.

Colonel Lento pointed to a drop in murder, assault, robbery, common robbery, housebreaking, business robbery and vehicle theft.

The area’s most common crime, theft from vehicles, had also dropped.
Commercial crime was also down but remained a challenge, mostly because of several ATM fraud cases. Business robberies were up.

He thanked members of the community who were involved in the neighbourhood watch saying: “We are working together to make the area safe.

“We are grateful for all the support from all other role-players,” he said.