Dam levels decrease slightly

City dams are 75,6% full.
Dam levels have declined slightly for a second week in a row.

They have gone down by 0.4% to 75.6 % of storage capacity. This drop is due to evaporation caused by the hot and windy weather that has been experienced in the past few days.

However, the average water consumption by water users has decreased slightly from 563 million litres per day to 556 million litres per day for the past week.

Residents are encouraged to limit their daily water usage to the 500 million litre usage band.

Local authorities are waiting to hear from the national Department of Water and Sanitation in December about what the water usage limit for Cape Town will be for the year ahead. 

The city is currently under Level 5 water restrictions. The permitted usage is 70 litres per person per day and the Level 5 tariffs are still on the higher end of the tariff scale and thus cost more.