Dedicated traffic cop for Ward 54

New Ward 54 traffic cop, Officer Dale Bock and ward councillor Shayne Ramsay are pictured in Sea Point on Monday July 2.

Sea Point, Fresnaye, Bantry Bay, Three Anchor Bay — which form part of Ward 54 — will now have its own dedicated traffic officer.

This was announced by ward councillor Shayne Ramsay outside The Point, in Sea Point, on Monday July 2.

Officer Dale Bock was appointed as the first dedicated ward traffic officer and according to Ms Ramsay, will be funded through the ward allocation.

Ms Ramsay said she was certain that Officer Bock would be kept very busy, however, the idea was to promote safe and efficient traffic control, encourage road users to be more law abiding, considerate of others and to decrease traffic infringements.

Part of Officer Bock’s duties include policing all kinds of traffic and road infringements such as jaywalking, illegal parking, particularly in bays allocated for the disabled, parking on red lines and speeding.

Officer Bock, who kickstarted his traffic career at Gallows Hill, Green Point, said among his priorities would be attending to complaints about taxis stopping anywhere they please and ignoring the rules of the road.

“There have also been complaints about people parking in the disabled bay and people obstructing the loading zone, so I’ll be working hard to alleviate some of those challenges,” said Officer Bock.

On his second day, the officer had already fined a few taxis for obstructing traffic. He promised to be visible every day throughout the whole area.

Officer Bock is also working with the chairperson of Sea Point Community Police Forum, Heather Tager, to arrange a radio for the Sea Point neighbourhood so they can stay in contact and work together to combat traffic challenges facing the area.