Chris Van Der Spuy, Sea Point

I was hoping that my letter (“Wash them away”, Atlantic Sun, April 7) would elicit some proposed solutions, but I was disappointed.

I agree with many of Ms Hasson’s points (“Humane solutions”, Atlantic Sun April 14) and I have in fact worked with social workers and others to assist street dwellers in need of mental health care and other forms of assistance.

However, I’m sure she agrees that some of the detritus of street living, like human faeces and litter are not pleasant or healthy.

Thankfully I do not personally have to clean this up – pity the council and Straatwerk people who have to do so.

The idea of discouraging street living (which is obviously not a solution) I learned from Amsterdam’s practice in the 1960s when “hippies” were attracted to its liberal environment and took to sleeping on the square in front of the royal palace.

Street cleaning (with water) was done there morning and evening to discourage this practice.

As regards Mr Lategan’s hysterical letter (“Humane solutions”, Atlantic Sun April 14), which provides no sensible solution at all, perhaps he could post his address here so that we can direct street people to sleep at his front door.

Not least out of consideration for Mr Lategan’s blood pressure, this correspondence is now closed from my side.