Dock Road Caltex to be relocated

A build-up in traffic can be expected while the Caltex is being relocated.

Between the end of February and April 30, motorists may experience a build-up in traffic when travelling in and out of the V&A Waterfront via Dock Road while the Caltex fuel station is relocated.

With the ongoing redevelopment of the Canal District, the Caltex fuel station will be moved to the newly created traffic light intersection, according to a V&A Waterfront press statement.

The current site is to be prepared for new commercial development.

The existing fuel station has been at the Waterfront in its present form, layout and pumping capacity for more than 20 years and the Waterfront is busy with design finalisation of a new modernised fuel station and convenience store in the same area.

“We apologise for the inconvenience that will be experienced by motorists during the redevelopment work on this site. We also wish to thank all the customers of our Caltex fuel station over more than 20 years of its existence and look forward to presenting the newly designed premises around mid-2022,” the statement said.