Don’t be an easy target

Derek Salter, Atlantic Seaboard Neighbourhood Watch chairman, Sea Point

The Atlantic Seaboard Neighbourhood Watch (ASNW) which covers Sea Point and Fresnaye held its AGM last week.

The main crime issue we face in the area is theft out of motor vehicles. This is a growing problem and extra vigilance is needed.

The solution to the problem lies in our hands. Anything left in a car is of potential value to a criminal.

While on patrol last week we saw two cars – one with a GPS on the windscreen and the other with a set of golf clubs lying on the back seat. Fortunately. we were able to alert both owners and they removed the items.

Criminals come into the area because we provide them with easy pickings. Why, is a puzzle to me. We have burglar bars, locks and alarm systems for our homes but then leave items lying around and on view in our cars.

It’s almost as if we are saying ‘come and steal it’.

Furthermore I’m convinced that other crimes can happen when the vehicles are being checked out – such as robberies and house break-ins – if the opportunity arises.

Can we have a determined campaign to keep our cars clean? Let’s get the message to the criminal that there is no point coming here because we haven’t left out anything for you to steal

Finally, do check physically that you car is locked before leaving it. Remote jamming devices are also being used – a few seconds could save you many hours of angst later.