Don’t give up, De Lille

Desiree Adams, Westridge

Patricia de Lille – Stand up for what you believe.

Residents of Cape Town vote with your heads and not with your hearts, please.

Think of Ms De Lille; she is one of us. (White members of the) DA still want to rule and certain members are just puppets listening to their masters. Why is this? To hold on to their jobs, also attached to a comfortable and cosy lifestyle.

Ms De Lille, they are jealous of you because you have been doing a very good job as mayor and the DA knows it. People respect you and love what you’re doing. The DA “kry ‘* pyn,” because you say what’s right or wrong and they cannot handle that. Hulle is naar en jaloers op jou.

According to the Argus, dated June 8 2018, people in Gugulethu received wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, because of your efforts. You changed people’s lives. It may look like a little, but you made a difference to the beneficiaries. They were overjoyed.

You even thanked Heart FM for what they did for the community and for spreading profound happiness.

We get a rebate on rates and indigent relief for those who qualify and I am one of them.

George Hector of Heathfield was spot on with the heading “Desperate Alliance” in an article in the Cape Argus on May 18 2018. The desperation they have to get rid of you in the DA is shameless. You do good work and care about your fellow citizens .

Never give up. I was taught that growing up. “Hou moed, my suster”.

Keep doing what you’re doing for as long as you can.