Don’t rename Link Road

Guy Robertson, Camps Bay

As an old resident of Camps Bay (for about 50 years) I can not see any reason and/or justification other than selfish self-interest by Peter Toerien to want to rename the historic Link Road in Camps Bay to Theatre Lane. It is for purely his own business interests, planning to start a “theatre school” there, according to news reports.

Then Rontree Avenue could just as well change to Petrol Lane because we have a petrol filling station here.

I am also, in principle, against all name changes as it is disruptive, causing confusion, distorting and destroying history, mostly for short-term political purposes – as was also the case when (Mayor Patricia) de Lille forced through the changing of De Waal Drive.

I strongly object to the name change of Link Road.

“Link Road” is a “link’ to the past with the old war memorial at its entrance, wars in which many of our ancestors fought for our country, mine also. It is also a “Link” to the old swimming pool picnic site and old police station — which we both had to fight for in the past to preserve — as was also the case with The Theatre.

Pieter Toerien should also try to preserve his heritage instead of destroying it by changing names.

He can, of course, always change his own. He and Councillor Brett Herron, can always google Constitutional Court case #CCT 19/04, judge Moseneke J, if they doubt my bona fides – also on his behalf.

He can also visit me for a discussion.