Driven by money

Vince Jansen, Sea Point

Your article (“Fury as council clamps down,” Atlantic Sun, March 10) brings a wry, albeit cinical, smile to my face.

I see that Mayco member JP Smith has put in his two cents worth.

It is absolutely frustrating that the City doesn’t follow through on it’s campaign to execute justice on all terrains.

I refer to the fact that the government has implemented its taxi recapitalisation programme, and yet, we find scrap vehicles tranporting passengers on a daily basis.

Furthermore, every commercial passenger carrying vehicle has to undergo a road fitness test annually in order to obtain a license to transport passangers and yet, again we see these vehicles which should be on a scrap heap, on our roads daily.

So, how do they obtain the legal documentation necessary for them to operate?

When is something going to be done about the corrupt officials who issue the papers to keep these obvious “deathtraps” on our roads?

It is a well-known fact that many taxi drivers ignore the rules of the road.

Are the sheriffs seriously going to enter all areas in the Western Cape to deliver these summonses or will it be a matter of being satisfied to scoop what is easy to get?

So, while the City is going to great lengths to go after fine dodgers to fill the coffers, one gets the impression that collecting money means more than saving lives.