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Domestic workers, farm workers, employees in the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) and those who are in learnership agreements will be entitled to an increase from March 1 this year.

The rates were published in the Government Gazette (number 11041, Vol. 656, February 17 2020)

The national minimum wage is R20.76 for each ordinary hour worked. The minimum hourly rate for farm workers is R18.68; for domestic workers it is R15.57; for employees of the EPWP it is R11.42; and workers who have concluded learnership agreements are entitled to the allowances contained in schedule 2 of the national minimum wage.

Cape Town labour consultant Bernard Reisner says the minimum wage increase is marginal.

“These vulnerable workers will continue to eke out a living in these dire economic times. They don’t have much to celebrate in the forthcoming year and will continue the struggle to fight for their rights.

“These current minimum hourly rates are hardly enough to financially sustain the employees and their families, on a month- to-month basis,” he said

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