Dropping Cosher beats

DJ Cosher and Jimmy Nevis

Suddenly experiencing romantic feelings for a long-time friend or meeting someone for the first time and immediately having a strong connection with them, is what Colin Sher aka DJ Cosher’s latest single Think I Might is about.

The song features one of South Africa’s biggest names in the music industry, Jimmy Nevis.

The cricket player turned music producer/DJ studied sound engineering and music production to pursue his dream of DJ-ing. Today, the Oranjezicht resident is a prominent music producer who works with well-known names in the industry such as Chad Saaiman, Hopsin (USA), Janice, Mathew Gold and Youngsta CPT.

Influenced by the likes of David Guetta, Sigala, Kygo and local artists such as Goodluck, and Micasa, DJ Cosher plans to take the SA music industry to a new level on his upcoming album, Certified.

“My music is uplifting, progressive with elements of both house and pop music,” he said.

On this 18-track-album, DJ Cosher has featured a variety of top local and international performers he has worked with over the years.

Touching on his collaboration with Jimmy Nevis, DJ Cosher said they’d always wanted to work together on a song.

“He’s been a good client of ours here at Cosher Recording Studios and he was always keen to make a song with me. We met up in the studio and we put our heads together and came up with the banging Think I Might,” he said.

DJ Cosher said his music had evolved massively over the years as he didn’t understand music theory and the technical side of things and had not previously had access to the artists and the team that he works with now.

He said he had upgraded his equipment, knowledge and facilities. “If you listen to my music now, it’s fuller and more professional. It’s technically better and I’m proud of it,” he said.

DJ Cosher said he’d always wanted to play his own music in his DJ sets.

“I was always busy as a DJ and I played at great parties and in big clubs, but I never really played my music and I always felt like my music didn’t fit in with the songs that I played as a DJ,” he said.

He said one of the intentions with the album was to make music that he could also play in clubs and at big parties.

“Recently, I’ve been playing my own music and people are dancing to it and singing along and it’s a wonderful feeling,” said DJ Cosher.