Drug crimes increase

For the past two months, drug-related crimes have increased in Green Point and Sea Point. This was heard at the Sea Point police sector meeting on Monday July 8.

The meeting covers crime issues affecting three sectors in the area.

Sector 1 includes Green Point and Mouille Point; Sector 2, upper Sea Point and Fresnaye; and Sector 3, lower Sea Point and Bantry Bay.

The meeting heard that the most arrests the police made in June were drug-related.

In sector 1, the police have seen a decrease in contact crimes and a slight increase in assaults and common robberies. There was an increase in property related crimes. It was heard that the Thursday, Saturday and Sunday were popular for these.

The chairman of the Green Point Neighbourhood Watch, Charles Scherer, said it was important to note that these were only reported crimes.

“We can only encourage people to report cases,” he said.

In Sector 2, there’s been a decrease in theft out of motor vehicle crimes, but theft of motor vehicles increased in June.

The police have seen a decrease in contact crimes and common assault.

In Sector 3, there’s been an increase in contact crimes and assault with grievous bodily harm. Theft of cars is a problem and older models are being targeted.

Chairman of the meeting, Derek Salter, said the Atlantic seaboard was not suffering the magnitude of crime as areas on the Cape Flats but everything needed to be reported. He said contact crimes were uncommon in the area and they needed to ensure that it stayed that way.

Sharing his sentiments, Mr Scherer said the area attracts many people and that sometimes this included criminals.

“Perpetrators will come and take their chances, Unfortunately, sometimes they can be one step ahead of us. We have to make it difficult for them and be alert,” he said.