Easter thoughts

Joan Hans, Westridge

The Passion Period is an annual period of absolute reverence and solemn meditation to be bestowed on our Great Saviour and Redeemer.

My story is based on the special women of Golgotha who were personally and passionately involved during this very distressful and emotional period, namely Mary, the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Mary, the sister of Lazarus whom Jesus brought back to life from the grave.

This is the same Mary who at one stage performed an unforgettable service to our Lord when she washed His feet, soothing them afterwards with nardus oil, which at that time was quite expensive.

Unequivocally, these courageous and determined women had a deep and purposeful compassion towards our Lord. One can also assume the depth of sorrow they expressed towards his aggrieved mother.

On the way to Golgotha, Jesus turned himself, facing the sorrowful women, and uttered the following words: “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep over me, rather weep over yourselves and your children.”

A few days after Jesus’ burial, Mary Magdalene decided to visit the grave. Obviously she was very sad and tearful.

She was approached by two angels who were ostensibly protecting the grave. Observing her distress, they enquired after it. She then replied that “they took my Master away and I do not know where they have laid Him.” Turning around she saw Jesus, not knowing it was Him.

Jesus then said, “Mary”. She gazed at Him and said, ‘Master”. He then advised her not to touch Him, as He had not arisen to His Father.

Thus it was one of the women of Golgotha – His faithful followers, who had the first opportunity to encounter Him in person.