Every day is a bonus – Dr Josephson

Dr. Pat Josephson takes an early morning swim at the Sea Point pool, depending on the weather.

Dr Cecil Aubrey Josephson takes a swim in the Atlantic Ocean at 6.30am most mornings and then follows it up with a swim at the Sea Point swimming pool.

Dr Josephson, popularly known as Pat, has been swimming at the seaside pool since the 1960s. He recently celebrated his 87th birthday on June 3.

“I take a swim in the sea first, I bring my yorkie Trompie here for walk as well,” said Dr Josephson.

“Depending on the weather right now I will go for a swim in the swimming pool.

“My personal best is doing 28 laps, but now I do eight or sometimes 10,” the semi-retired dentist said and then added: “Loveliest of what I leave behind is the sunlight, and loveliest after that the shining stars, and the moon’s face, but also cucumbers that are ripe, and pears, and apples. And this poem I recite, in my head, when I’m in the pool doing laps. It makes it easier for me to swim,” he said of his routine in the 50-metre swimming pool

His wife of 62 years, Ursula, passed away last month, but the doctor remains encouraging.

“My mantra is, everyday is a bonus, so we must live our lives to the fullest.”