Festival lights up promenade

The first annual Cape Town Lantern Parade took place along the promenade on Saturday, January 11.

Sea Point was awash with colour and light over the weekend as the inaugural Cape Town Lantern Parade was held on the promenade.

The procession began at the Sea Point Pavilion Pool and continued along the promenade, ending at Mouille Point beach, the aim being to foster a spirit of unity in the city and give creatives a new outlet where they can produce unique works of art in lantern form to parade along some of Cape Town’s most iconic streets.

Organiser Tasmeen Mohamed said they wanted to do something for the community.

“We thought of the concept of bringing light into the darkness. We know that kids are going back to school this week and we just wanted to bring light in their lives and their parents’ lives,” she said.

Ms Mohamed said they planned to involve schools next year and have them create their own lanterns, all of which are required to be eco-friendly and use only LEDs as an illumination source for safety reasons.

Participant Charnice Jacobs praised the initiative for bringing people together for a good cause.

“I believe this is the beginning of great things. We need more of these events and such positivity in Cape Town. Awareness marches are important but they shouldn’t be the only things that bring people together,” she said.